Mid Year Progress and Goals

Hello again internet. I decided not to wait the customary year to update this blog and decided to write this now. We’re more than halfway through the year and I’ve taken some time to take stock of where I am at professinally and where I’d like to go. I’ve even gone so far as to layout a roadmap of what I’m learning in my spare time.

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Leaving Windows, Back To Elixir

Bested by the beast! After a few days of fighting my Windows demon, I alas leave a bitter and broken warrior. I was able to move the ball a little further forward. I determined that the issues wasn’t actually in the Ruby build scripts but seemed to be related to the way our build scripts were expecting Ruby to be built. Now, it remains to be seen whether that the system works as a whole (Rake was still not installed properly), but I’ve had to switch gears back to working with Elixir.

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Building Ruby 2.3 on Windows

I’ve spent the last couple days trying to get Ruby 2.3 to build on Windows using Visual Stuido. It’s been… Interesting to say the least.

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Rumors Of This Blog's Demise...

But rumors of this blogs demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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