Leaving Windows, Back To Elixir

Bested by the beast! After a few days of fighting my Windows demon, I alas leave a bitter and broken warrior. I was able to move the ball a little further forward. I determined that the issues wasn’t actually in the Ruby build scripts but seemed to be related to the way our build scripts were expecting Ruby to be built. Now, it remains to be seen whether that the system works as a whole (Rake was still not installed properly), but I’ve had to switch gears back to working with Elixir.

I like what I’ve seen with Elixir so far. It’s by far one of the more approachable functional languages I’ve come across (owing to the Ruby-like) syntax, and while I don’t fully leverage the BEAM VM or OTP in general, I feel that I (and members of my team) have been able to be productive with it fairly quickly.

Our current task is to take a list of IP addresses and ping peridocially to try and determine their packet loss and overall latency to the IP’s.

I plan on leveraging already built in “ping” included with the operating system and simply spawn new processes to handle the system call and parse the response string. I’m starting with parsing the string as we have good examples of how to make the system call elsewhere (it’s not graceful by any means but it works).

Once I get some nice looking code or find an interesing technique I’ll post here.


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